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At KwikVet, we are also pet parents who love our fur babies dearly. We saw a broken system and set out to completely transform the way our beloved cats and dogs access healthcare.


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that 25 million consultations a year never take place because pet parents no longer have the time to go to a clinic.


This likely includes you, and we don’t blame you. So we got the best veterinarians on board and designed a convenient, on-demand system to effectively replace stressful visits to a vet clinic. 


​Our veterinarians analyzed millions of in-clinic consultations and engineered effective home solutions that include the most innovative meds and tests to solve most issues, better at home.


We designed KwikVet to be efficient, open and fair, because that is the way we would like to be treated, particularly when we are worried our fur baby is unwell.


​We don’t cut corners or take unnecessary risks. What we do, which is pretty much a clinic would do except surgery or dealing with life threatening emergencies, we aim to do it better.


We also aim high in who we partner with. Veterinary pharmaceutical companies like Zoetis, one of the most innovative and largest in the world, are among our strategic partners.


And we are humble as we continue this journey to a much better vet experience. If we ever fail you in any way, our CEO wants to know and make it right:

If you are delighted with KwikVet's service, we want to know too! Yes, we at KwikVet also love a good pat on the back! And yes, we deeply appreciate your spreading the good word.


We also want you to know, that part of the reason why our KwikVets are so amazingly caring is because we care for them too and give them the space to focus on the profession they love.


Our veterinarians are among the best in the industry, have gone to the top schools and many teach other vets. But they also have beautiful families and other daily life obligations.

That's where we come in: with KwikVet all of our veterinarians can work whenever they choose, without fixed schedules. And this is a huge relief for them, including working Moms!


Freedom also makes us unique. None of our vets is under a sales quota or has any obligation to be with us.  They are KwikVets because they share our mission to transform veterinary care!

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Doctors of Veterinary Medicine

We’re looking for veterinarians passionate to help clients with telehealth and house calls:

  • You’ll be your own boss: no fixed hours or obligations.

  • You’ll be partnered up with a tech equipped with veterinary supplies.

  • More info at

Territory Managers

We’re looking for veterinary technicians with the drive to grow our city markets!

  • You’ll be your own boss: no fixed hours or obligations.

  • You’ll carry and manage KwikVet doctors’ bag and inventory of meds and tests.

  • Need to have good mobility (own a car).

KwikVet Ambassadors

Help spread the word about KwikVet in your local community!

  • Be KwikVet's representative & helps us execute marketing campaigns.

  • Identify and create partnership opportunities around your city.

  • Work closely with our marketing team!e

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